It was a beautiful day in Vancouver, and I was out walking by Coal Harbour.  When I read those words I thought, “Hmm….could it be?  I may have found the Ai Weiwei installation!”  A while ago I had heard, and then subsequently forgotten, that there was public artwork by Weiwei in the city.  The DO NOT CROSS  RISK OF INJURY definitely piqued my imagination and curiosity.

Sure enough, there it was.


Ai Weiwei The F Grass, Vancouver     photo by T. Vatrt

Because of its low profile, one has to be intentional, or in my case, lucky to find it…..or live in the neighbourhood.


Ai Weiwei installation, Vancouver     photo by T. Vatrt

F Grass is part of the Vancouver Biennale Open Air Museum.  Here’s a link to participate in the What the F? movement against the kind of censorship Ai Weiwei has experienced.


Definitely risky business.


Ai Weiwei The F Grass     photo by T. Vatrt

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  1. Dorothys GMAIL

    Thanks….saw some of his stuff in PS last winter, interesting. BTW, we hope to make the concert on Sunday— arrival time recommendation? Thanks! D


  2. Ruth

    This installation is interesting on more than one level. First, there is the actual level-ness of the piece, but then there is the choice of medium, causing me to ask why it was chosen, how was each piece created, and why is /f/ so popular!


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