Art along the way….underfoot

After the ‘risky business’ with Ai Weiwei’s installation, I headed towards Alberni Street, walking up Bute  (in Vancouver.)  More art surprises awaited me.

photo by T. Vatrt

Street medallion, Vancouver


The medallions (not manhole covers, as I originally thought) are by Susan A. Point, a Coast Salish artist from British Columbia.  Susan Point works in all media:  from fine art prints to stained glass windows to House Posts and Welcome Figures….there are many images to enjoy on her website.

It took a bit of research to find out about these artworks.  Vancouver has a Public Art Registry, which is amazing in its scope.  Imagine living in a city that values public art, AND keeps track of it.  (sigh)

Medallion by Susan Point



7 thoughts on “Art along the way….underfoot

  1. Diane McGifford

    In my experience support for the arts and public art, means a heated discussion at the budget table. Library supports are up there too. Often a failure of imagination carries the day. Then these budgets are increased minimally, frozen or even decreased. It’s difficult to convince to people that literacy in the arts is correlated to good health, and that if the next $1M went to the arts and not healthcare, we would be the healthier for it.

      1. Diane McGifford

        That is such a complicated question. Will give it more thought and we can discuss the issue one of these days.

      2. Diane McGifford

        Terry, It is such a complicated question. We will have to have a conversation one day. D.

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