Responding to tragedy

The Art Caravan hasn’t travelled to Manitoba this winter, but if it does, I will search out this site specific art installation by Jaime Black, a multi-disciplinary artist.

Jaime Black sculptures, CBC photo

Her snow sculptures on the Red River, at the heart of Winnipeg, remind us of the many murdered and missing indigenous women in Manitoba and Canada.  This impermanent installation follows her 2014 The REDress Project which also addresses the tragedy of murdered women.

Here is a brief report (and more images) from the CBC, wherein Ms Black explains her motivation for the project, and her hope to add to the artwork.

The caliber of her work reminds me of the noted Chinese artist, Ai Weiwei, who also creates intelligent, beautiful responses to disturbing events and situations.




5 thoughts on “Responding to tragedy

  1. Esther Redekopp

    I went out on the river last Monday to look for these sculptures, but the 10 cm of snow on the weekend seemed to have buried them. The symbolism of both (creation and covering) are pretty powerful… Thanks for posting.


  2. Diane McGifford

    I saw this project. It was displayed in the Manitoba Legislature whilst I was there—very dramatic, moving, stark. So symbolically powerful. Thank you for reminding me. We really just returned from Hawaii and I am a little buzzed out.

  3. spencervatrtwatts

    Wow, I don’t know how to describe that work. Very striking. It is sad that this issue still plagues Canada, and it does seem like not that much is being done (in my completely uneducated opinion).



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