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Another loss….Beau Dick 1955-2017

In the last year, Canada has lost the authentic voices of too many of its artists.  Annie Pootoogook, Daphne Odjig, Tim Pitsiulak, and, most recently, Beau Dick, have died.

Beau Dick was an artist, activist, hereditary chief, and, by all accounts, a very engaging personality.  His dealer, LaTiesha Fazakas, of Fazakas Gallery said, “Beau made you believe in magic, destiny and the transcending value of art.”

Beau Dick (Times Colonist image)

Beau Dick’s work is currently part of Documenta 14 in Athens, Greece.  In 2010 his work was part of the Sydney Biennale.  The National Gallery of Canada, the Vancouver Art Gallery , the McMichael Canadian Art Collection have all shown his work.  He was a significant Canadian artist.

Marsha Lederman has written a detailed, and enlightening obituary in the Globe and Mail.  You can read it here.  Check the CBC news report  for further images.

Mask, Beau Dick (Canadian Art image)



I wish…….

The Art Caravan did not and will not, unfortunately, see the retrospective show of Alex Janvier’s work at the National Gallery of Canada, which runs until April 17.

Alex Janvier, as you may know, was one of the artists of the Indian Group of Seven, or the Professional Native Indian Artists Association, formed in 1973..

The Red Drum by Alex Janvier

Russell Smith’s article in the Globe and Mail brought the show to my attention.  He provides a thoughtful analysis of the work.  Click here to read it.  After all, there’s still time to get to Ottawa.



Starving artists….compensation for creators

Thank you,  Elizabeth Renzetti, for your column in yesterday’s Globe and Mail If the artists starve, we’ll all go hungry.  

In her usual intelligent, somewhat irreverent style, she asks, “Do we value the role of artists (and their handmaidens) enough to ensure that they can actually continue to create?  Or do we just want to be left with the American Idol winners, and the trust fund babies?”

She quotes the American journalist, Scott Timberg:  “We produce and export creativity around the world.  So why aren’t we lamenting the plight of its practitioners?”

CARFAC (Canadian Artists Representation) has produced buttons, t-shirts etc. which ask “has the artist been paid?”

All good questions for a time when many people think that if it’s on the internet, it should be free, and accessible….whether it’s music, or photography or visual art.  All good questions for a time when writers, musicians, dancers, actors and visual artists are scrambling to make a living…..and often not succeeding.