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Art and baseball (Really!)

Next time you’re in Winnipeg, make sure to take a walk along Waterfront Drive, which is an easy stroll north from the Forks National Historic Site and the new Canadian Museum of Human Rights .

photo by T. Vatrt

Canadian Museum of Human Rights, Winnipeg

Note that I encourage you to walk alongside Waterfront Drive. The pedestrian walkway curves alongside the Red River, in the historic Exchange District. You have to get out of your car, and walk, to discover the art installations along the way.  All of the works reference the city,  and its history.  They are very site specific.

The largest, and perhaps most eye-catching, is High Five, an installation by Jennifer Stillwell.

Apparently the view from the baseball park on Waterfront Drive is a good one, too.  Click here for a brief article from CBC News about High Five and the ballpark.

High Five

When I was looking at the installation,  I neglected to think about its relationship to the baseball field across the street.  I had a totally different interpretation of the work from the ideas discussed in the article!  Good art will evoke multiple interpretations.

Doesn’t it sound like the ingredients for a perfect summer evening?  A ballgame, and art viewing, all in one location.



Murals of La Jolla: not your average small town murals…..

Being southern California, I guess they can’t help but be cool. The murals of La Jolla are not the usual offerings of local history or regional boosterism that are found in small towns across this continent.

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Artists such as Catherine Opie, John Baldessari and Willian Legman receive commissions to produce artwork that is on view for at least two years.  It’s a successful collaboration between the La Jolla Community Foundation and the Athenaeum Music and Arts Library, with very generous private funding.  (Gotta love that:  private money supporting public art.)

Here is a map of the current murals.  Take a tour.  Any favourites?