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Inspiring, astonishing art

When was the last time a posted video about art brought you to tears?

I was completely taken by surprise this morning when I followed this link to a video of an art installation by Anila Quayyum Agha.  Have a look–you won’t be disappointed. (It may be five of the best minutes you spend today.)

Isn’t this a great art installation?  Wow! It’s beautiful, it’s interactive, and it’s easily accessible.  I can’t imagine  anyone who entered the Rice University Art Gallery  for this show not enjoying the experience.

Not only is it gorgeous and inclusive, but it is rife with meaning.  Anita Agha makes some very powerful statements about inclusion, unity, cooperation and beauty.  The tension between the surface beauty and the depth of meaning is extraordinary.  Here’s hoping the show will be installed in other galleries, so many more people can participate.

Thanks to ImageUpdate for leading me to Anila Agha’s art.