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Tristram Landsdowne at Winchester Galleries


Winchester Galleries Oak Bay   Winchester Galleries  in Victoria, B.C. has great openings–live music, good food and (sometimes!) wine.  It’s always fun to wander through…where else can you hear live harp music on a Saturday afternoon?

This month’s show is headlined by Tad Suzuki, and Ronald Markham, but it was Tristram Landsdowne’s  work that caught my eye, and held my attention.  The watercolours and the etchings are beautifully rendered.  It’s obvious he’s inherited some of  Fenwick Landsdowne’s talents.  His subject matter, however,  differs greatly from his father’s avian and wildlife images.  Tristram creates architectural constructs that seem to hover or float.  In his compositions, a mostly representational structure is placed in an unlikely and/or impossible setting.

The work is gorgeous, and intriguing.  It’s no surprise he was a finalist in the RBC Painting Competition in 2011.  It’s great to hear he had work purchased by the National Gallery of Canada.



Map & Atlas Museum of La Jolla

On a recent trip to La Jolla, California, we stumbled upon the Map & Atlas Museum of La Jolla.

Wow!  What treasures are in this amazing and comprehensive  collection:  there are maps dating from the 15th century!  Thanks to Michael R. Stone for making this collection available to the public, in a very elegant setting.

The old maps are wonderful examples of etching, and woodcuts.  I was happy to see the printer was acknowledged on many of the maps.

I particularly enjoyed the ‘cartes’ of Jo Mora, who was born in Uruguay, and spent most of his adult life working in the U.S.  His maps are entertaining, as well as educational.  Despite the fact they were printed in the 1940’s, the work seems ‘fresh’ and modern.