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All Canadian art….Douglas Smith

Let me be totally honest.  I love love love Doug Smith‘s work.  We have a piece hanging in our home.  The art is detailed, layered and complex.  As my Mum once said, “There’s always something new to see in it.”  He uses a variety of media, in a very integrated way, and often works on a large scale.

Doug lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  I was happy to see his show at the CCFM Galerie–the Franco Manitoban Cultural Centre in Winnipeg.  He and Roger Laferniere collaborated, and the show  Divergences, is a result of their partnership.  Doug’s detailed drawings contrast beautifully with Roger’s ethereal paintings.

The show runs until July 31 (and there is a great patio cafe in the same building.)  If you can’t make it to Winnipeg soon (pity!), you will have other opportunities to see the work as Divergences is scheduled to move on to Toronto, Moncton and Germany.