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Canada Day Art Quiz-answers!

Answers to Canada Art Quiz (2016)

Kenoujouak Ashevak

Kenoujouak Acheva

(10 points for every correct answer; 50 points for every correct bonus answer!)

1.  The Winnipeg Art Gallery is Canada’s older civic gallery.  It was founded in 1912.

2.  The ‘new’ National Gallery of Canada was officially opened on May 21, 1988.  Moshe Safdie designed the building.

3.  There is no Portrait Gallery of Canada.  Construction was underway when the Conservative government put the project on hold in 2006. Next, private sector bids were solicited, and received to host the collection, but that competition was cancelled in 2008.

4.  Prudence Heward, Anne Savage, Kathleen Morris and Lillian Torrance Newton were members of The Beaver Hall Group in Montreal in the 1920’s and 30’s.

5. Prudence Heward and other women artists were excluded from  the Group of Seven because, as A. Y. Jackson (founding member) put it, “Well, I guess we liked our brandy and cigars too much.”

6. The Woodlands School/Style is a group of aboriginal artists (mainly Algonquin and Ojibway) who became know in the 1970’s and 1980’s. Norval Morriseau, Jackson Beardy, Daphne Odjig, Carl Ray, Benjamin Chee Chee, Shirley Cheechoo, Alex Janvier and Eddy Cobiness are all associated with this group, sometimes known as The Indian Group of Seven.

7. The Winnipeg Art Gallery has the largest collection of Inuit art in the world.  The proposed Inuit Art Centre addition is scheduled to be opened in 2020.

8. The Esker Foundation opened in Calgary in 2012 and the Audain Art Museum opened in Whistler in 2016.

If you scored 0:  Time to become a Follower of The Art Caravan blog.
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If you scored 30 – 50:  You have subscriptions to Canadian Art and Border Crossings…..and you read them.
If you scored 60 and above: You should be writing The Art Caravan blog!  (I had to research many of these details.)

Canada Day Art Quiz

Canada Day Art Quiz (2016)

Emily Carr

Emily Carr

1.  Which is Canada’s oldest civic art gallery? (Regular readers of The Art Caravan should know this one!)

2. When was the ‘new’ National Gallery of Canada opened?  (Bonus question:  Who was the architect?)

3. In which city is the National Portrait Gallery located?

4. Prudence Heward, Anne Savage, Kathleen Morris and Lillian Torrance Newton were all members of which Canadian Modernist art group?

5. Why weren’t Prudence Heward and other women artists invited to join the Group of Seven?

6. Who are the Woodlands group of artists?  (Bonus question:  Name two artists from this group.)

7.  Which Canadian art gallery has the largest collection of Inuit art in the world?

8. Two significant, privately funded art galleries have opened in western Canada in the last five years.  What are they called and where are they located?

9.  Who is your favourite Canadian artist (deceased?)

10. Who is your favourite contemporary Canadian artist?


Have fun!  Answers  will be posted later today.