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June Again, 2020, imdb image

June Again: Three Reasons to Watch this Film

I’ve just added the movie June Again to the recommendations on my Good Viewing page…just in time for weekend viewing, perhaps?  There’s a plethora – some might say an inundation – of things to watch so I’ll tell you why I think this film is worth your attention.

How many times have you seen any form of printmaking featured in a movie?  I thought so.  Me neither.  I am delighted to report that screen printing plays an important supporting role in this film.  No kidding.  What a surprise!  It’s not many movies where an art form is integral to a plot, and certainly not printmaking.  I’m not an experienced screen printer, but the studio scenes were convincing.  It looked authentic to me.

This movie passes The Bechdel Test.  It only takes three simple criteria to pass the test:

the film has

 (1) two named female characters

(2) who talk to each other

(3) about something besides a man.

Seems easy, doesn’t it?  It’s surprising (depressing?  discouraging?  frustrating?) how many movies don’t pass the test.  June Again passes with flying colours.

June Again, 2020, imdb image

June Again, 2020, imdb image

This film springs from the question, “What if….?”  I am always intrigued by this approach to storytelling. It’s a great question to ask in art, and in our lives, isn’t it?  It reminds us there are a myriad of possible outcomes; it encourages imagination, creativity and expansion of thought, and hope.

I found June Again on the Kanopy streaming service, through my public library.

June Again, 2020, imdb image

June Again, 2020, imdb image