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The original Art Caravan

My first Art Caravan


Once upon a summer…..a long, long time ago……I spent a July and August doing art and crafts with kids in Red Deer, Alberta.  Every week I’d set up in a different city park, with the ‘arts and crafts’ trailer full of  supplies.  (Fortunately, I wasn’t responsible for moving the caravan to the new locations. The ‘Bug’ was a great car, but not up to any heavy towing…)

It was a great way to spend the summer: working outdoors, making things, and getting paid to do it.  Macrame, anyone?

The highlight of the week for the kids was when we  tie-dyed t-shirts.  It was a no-fail project they all liked:  instant colour, and functionality. My favourite part of the project came after the t-shirts were draped, or hung to dry.  As part of our ‘clean up’, we took the leftover dyes, grabbed some paintbrushes, and ’embellished’ the sidewalks and streets close by…..creating our own site specific, temporary works of art.