Artwork that surprises….and delights

Don’t you love it when you stumble upon amazing artwork?

There I was, nonchalantly drifting into the Alcheringa Gallery in Victoria, B.C., expecting to see their usual offerings of high quality, global aboriginal art.  (One could look at Dennis Nona‘s artwork many, many times….and The Art Caravan does.)

Little did I know that I would be sideswiped by their fall show Soaring High, Falling Hardby Rebecca Jewell.

Songbirds Mist Net, Rebecca Jewell

Songbirds Mist Net, Rebecca Jewell

Here’s a closer look at this piece:

Songbirds Mist Net (detail), Rebecca Jewell

Songbirds Mist Net (detail), Rebecca Jewell

Yes!  Real feathers, and some with bird images printed on them  Not only is the work beautiful, it is technically stunning.  Intaglio printing on….feathers?!!!  Here is an article about the printing process.

Songbirds, Rebecca Jewell

Songbirds, Rebecca Jewell

The subtitle for the show, Soaring High, Landing Hard is the veneration and exploitation of birds.  Jewell references the extinction of species, and the abuse and threats to birds.   Mist nets, for instance, are used to capture birds, for both research and profit motives.  All the while, the work delights in avian beauty.

Great Tit, Rebecca Jewell

Great Tit, Rebecca Jewell

Falconer's Headdress, 2014, Rebecca Jewell

Falconer’s Headdress, 2014, Rebecca Jewell

Rebecca Jewell is not an aboriginal artist but she has lived in Papua New Guinea and studied Cultural Anthropology at Cambridge. Rebecca Jewell has a PhD in Natural History Illustration from the Royal College of Art.  She is an Artist in Residence at the British Museum.  Please click here for her detailed website and here for more information from the Rebecca Hossack Gallery.  You’ll find a short, informative video here.

If you’re in Victoria, you’re in luck.  Some of this extraordinary work is still on display at Alcheringa Gallery.




8 thoughts on “Artwork that surprises….and delights

  1. Julie Maynard

    The shadows cast by the feathers add so much depth and apparent motion. It would be wonderful to watch sunlight move across the netted piece.


  2. Holly McNally

    There is nothing more exquisite, more elegant than the little songbird. Well, perhaps Audrey Hepburn. This looks to be a stunning exhibit requiring serious artistic skill and effort but the result is so adroit and light and effortless.



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