Who was Vivian Maier?

Some of you know the answer to that question.  (Sort of…right?)

But if you don’t, you should watch the documentary Finding Vivian Maier.  It’s a fascinating story that is sure to engage most viewers (i.e. even non-readers of The Art Caravan.)  Click here for a brief trailer for the movie.

vivian maier

Who was Vivian Maier?  Well, she was an enigma, and an amazing, prolific photographer.



2 thoughts on “Who was Vivian Maier?

  1. Diane McGifford

    There was a fascination CBC interview with a Toronto gallery owner, Stephen Bulgar, who I believe either discovered the pictures or has some or whatever the link. The interview is available on line. Loved the trailer and will watch the film. She reminds me in some ways of Diane Arbus.


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