Papirmass (Pah*Purr*Mass)

The Art Caravan was happy to visit the Vancouver Art/Book Fair this past weekend.  It is the only international art book fair in Canada.  It’s sponsored by Project Space, and was held at the Vancouver Art Gallery.

There were social events, talks, and display booths for the participants.  It was great fun to see familiar faces from Martha Street Studio and meet new people like the couple at Papirmass.

Papirmass–what a concept!  For an annual (affordable) subscription fee, they deliver original art to your mailbox. How fun is that?  That’s right: every month you receive an original print, accompanied by a story or poem.


Perhaps even better news –the artists and writers get paid, too!  Their mandate “is to support artists and writers by expanding the audience for their work, and to create a new generation of art collectors by creating art that is accessible to all.” 

Visit Papirmass’ website.  Become a ‘Follower.’  They really are irresistible.  (And wouldn’t a subscription — or two — make great gifts?)

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