Beauty: Form and Function

As you may know, the Art Caravan has visited Seattle several times.  Only recently have we wandered into Laguna Vintage Pottery.  It’s a pity, really, as the shop is a visual feast.

Michael Lindsey, the owner, is an expert on American pottery.  He is a curator, lecturer, and resource reference in the field of American vintage pottery. Fortunately for us, he is happy to share his passion with others.

Who knew there was a booming ceramics industry in southern California (largely entered around Los Angeles) in the mid 20th century?  Who knew there were so much gorgeous dinnerware produced…..designs that have stood the test of time, and feel strangely contemporary? Take a look at Russell Wright’s American Modern line or the Metlox California Mobile ceramics.

Interior of Laguna Vintage Pottery

Russell Wright

Laguna Vintage Pottery

Melton California Mobile

Many of the lines caught my eye, but I was smitten by the work of Eva Zeisel. Her designs are stunning, and her life story is the stuff of books and TED talks.

Eva Zeisel ceramicsIMG_0356

The shop is a treasure trove, and a museum, all rolled up into one intriguing space.  I highly recommend a visit. (And don’t forget your credit card.)

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