El Anatsui: Gravity and Grace

A couple of years ago, a piece by El Anatsui stopped me dead in my trek through MOMA.  I didn’t know who he was, or the significance of the piece…..only that it grabbed my attention.  It was Bleeding Takari II, a huge, shimmering wall hanging.


Susan Vogel’s excellent documentary Fold Crumple Crush:  The Art of El Anatsui increased my interest in Anatsui’s art.  Click here for a brief trailer of the film.

The Art Caravan had the good fortune to see the travelling exhibition, Gravity and Grace: The Monumental Works of El Anatsui  at the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego.  It was a perfect setting for the works, as the Downtown location is in the historic Santa Fe Depot Baggage Building, a cavernous space with natural light.

Look closely at the work. (Click on the images for better viewing.) It is composed of recycled materials, often woven together with copper wire.  I admire how the microscopic pieces, beautiful and full of history, combine to create a macroscopic work of art.  It’s no wonder El Anatsui is considered the foremost contemporary African artist.

3 thoughts on “El Anatsui: Gravity and Grace

  1. Theresa Shaw

    We saw his work at the Brooklyn Museum of Art a few years ago. Loved the way your perspective changed as you approached a piece and realized what it was made of.



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