Microscopic Moon Tales

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The impetus for Microscopic Moon Tales began with a visit to the Marine Discovery Centre in Sidney, B.C. Each microscope revealed a perfectly round, vibrantly coloured world, sheathed in black. The detailed, lively glimpses of magnified sea life were in sharp contrast to what was visible to the naked eye. The etchings and embossed work in Microscopic Moon Tales deal with ideas of visibility/invisibility, microcosms/macrocosms and the vital relationship of the particle to the whole.

Just as drops of water on a microscope slide are transformed into biospheres, so the idea of the printed images as interpretations of microscope views evolved into interpretations of moons and planets. The bright colours appeared alien, and the circular shapes suggested celestial objects, especially the symbolic representation of the moon. The printmaking process embeds the images in the paper, giving the pieces a sculptural feel, and echoing the cratered surface of the moon.

Microscopic Moon Tales is a continuation of the exploration of my belief that what is significant can’t always be seen. Even though the sea is teeming with life, and is vital to our existence, we see very little of what lies under the surface. The examination of details reveals not only their intrinsic beauty, but also is a reminder of their fundamental necessity. Microscopic Moon Tales examines the connections between the microcosms and macrocosms of life.