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A Closer Look at Georgia O’Keefe

The largest show (ever!) in Canada of Georgia O’Keefe’s work is opening at the Art Gallery of Ontario.

Jimson Weed, White Flower No 1, by Georgia O’Keefe (The Telegraph image)

There’s an article today in the Globe and Mail discussing the show.  Click here to read Rosie Prata’s excellent description of this retrospective.  I am intrigued by the AGO’s interpretation of O’Keefe’s large body of work.

Curiously enough, last year the Tate Modern hosted the largest showing ever of O’Keefe’s work in Britain. Here is a very brief article from The Telegraph.

We may have missed last year’s show in London, but there’s ample time to plan to visit Toronto.  The show runs until July 30.



“Life with Clay”

As I said in the  last post, I wish The Art Caravan had been able to travel to Ottawa to see  the Alex Janvier show at the National Gallery of Canada.  I’m happy to report, however, that TAC has visited  The Art Gallery of Greater Victoria’s current exhibition Life with Clay:  Pottery & Sculpture by Jan and Helga Grove  a couple of times.  Life with Clay showcases the ceramic works of the German born couple, Jan and Helga Grove, who came to Canada in 1965, and operated a ceramics studio on Vancouver Island until 2009.  They exhibited and sold their work across Canada.

Life with Clay, Jan and Helga Grove

It’s the sculpture, really, that sets these two artist apart from other capable potters.  It is quirky, charming and beautifully executed.  Despite working together, and sharing a studio, Jan and Helga each has a distinctive style.  Note the smooth, bulbous shapes, as well as the more angular, animal-like sculptures.  Can you guess which pieces were made by Helga, and which were created by Jan?  (Why not take a moment to think about this before scrolling down?)

Life with Clay, Jan and Helga Grove

Vanity, Helga Grove, 1966

Mr.X, 1971 and Quadruped, Jan Grove, 1996

Mr.X, 1971 and Quadruped, Jan Grove, 1996

Mitz and Mautz, 2005, Helga Grove

Three Ballerinas, Jan Grove, 1989

Helga Grove

Helga Grove

If you are able, it’s a show worth visiting.  There are original photos, letters and documents detailing  this extraordinary couple’s  art history. In 1966, for instance, the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria purchased a piece of work for $18.00!

Couple, Jan Grove, 1996

Life with Clay:  Pottery & Sculpture by Jan and Helga Grove is on until May 28, 2017. An excellent catalogue of the show is available.